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Our Story

The company creative foundation as well as origination of its unique AMMA-style can be referred to 1987. At that time we were official dealers of the Erevan cognac house.

At the initial stage, AMMA-design, LLC specialized in developing interior design for restaurants, cafes and bars, including such popular ones as "Genatsvale na Arbate", "Kucher", "Tryum", "Skazki Vostoka", "Gladiator", and "John Silver". We have expanded and created a separate furniture production direction, i.e. its serial and customized types.

Nowadays, we are regarded as one of the streamline furniture manufactures, which is confirmed by our numerous international furniture show diplomas and certificates. The latest AMMA-design victory was the Cologne Show Gold Medal in January, 2006. It is one of the most prestigious awards in this industry. Our products have evoked such a keen interest that we decided to open our corporate furniture store in Cologne.

However, the company management points out another remarkable item, whose value considerably exceeds that of all prizes and diplomas. It deals with the gift presented by the famous collector and Russian antiquity connoisseur, Mikhail Surov, i.e. the famous "bentwood chair No 14" created by Michael Thonet in the 19th century. He delivered it saying, "I am sure a century will pass, and AMMA chairs will be as popular with the collectors as the Thonet ones nowadays…"