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Antique Pinewood Furniture by AMMA Company

AMMA style is unique and recognizable fascination of fairy tale, mystery and coziness. AMMA implies not only antique pinewood furniture but represents the highest quality of vintage furniture provided by its creators as well as the European service degree. There are good grounds for saying that the word "AMMA" incorporates the company founders' initials as it is long since craftsmen started putting their names on products thus testifying to their quality and unique character. This tradition is very important to us.

AMMA pinewood furniture creates an atmosphere of nobility and confidence of ancient castles as if antique furniture brought us to another epoque helping us to distract ourselves and relax.

Due to AMMA company designers' and craftsmen's talent, our pinewood furniture is very peculiar and characterized by some incomparable esthetics. Antique furniture production implies not only solid pinewood processing but also forging, pottery and glass-painting.

All the materials used are environmentally friendly, which is confirmed by corresponding quality and sanitation certificates. AMMA company antique furniture preserves beauty of natural wood. Our furniture made from solid pinewood is functional, comfortable, rigid and reliable.

We can positively say that AMMA furniture will enable you to enjoy your fairy tale for many years!


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